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The Armoury


Established in 1974 'The Armoury' offers a wide range of reproduction armour from Roman to Napoleonic periods for re-enactment displays or educational purposes. This year Derek has been joined by his son David to make this a two-craftsmen operation, using traditional hand-made methods and creating wherever possible, authenticity in all aspects of manufacture and finish. ​


Using steel, armour for re-enactment is made to protect the wearer from skirmishes. All armour is made specifically for the client ensuring a good fit, and including any special finishes or embellishments. Armour made for display also fits the client's needs, whether the armour is to be handled, worn or just for decoration.


David has brought a new element to the workshop, with the addition of decorative and 'fantasy' pieces. So whether you need Orc armour or an Elven leaf brooch, contact us to discuss your ideas.

Previous clients include the English Civil War Society, Sealed Knot, Educational Resource services, Colleges, Museum displays, Living History groups, pubs and restaurants, private individuals both in the UK as well as international contacts, especially in America, including the Plimoth Plantation in Boston and the English Civil War Society of America.

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